About Us

       Zhejiang Zhenshen Insulation Technology Corp. Ltd. (expressed as “ZES” below) is located in Jiaxing city Zhejiang Province where is in gold hinterland of Yangtze River Delta Hangzhou Gulf Economic Zone, Shanghai Economic Zone and Taihu Lake Economic Zone. ZES is the National New and High-tech enterprise in Wangdian industrial function park.

       The company is developed from an insulation installation team, which is established by President Zhang Chunhua in October 1988, and it is reorganized to be Jiaxing Zhenhua insulation installation company Ltd in Feb 1995 which now is Zhejiang Zhenhua Insulation Engineering Corp. Ltd. For quick development, the branch company Jiaxing Zhenshen Insulation Material factory is established in November 1997 which now is Zhejiang Zhenshen Insulation Technology Corp. Ltd.

       Currently, Zhenhua Engineering and Zhenshen Insulation are with total assets of 184 million US dollar and area of 153,180m2 for workshop and 200,000m2for R&D center and office building. The company is a modern company, integrated with engineering design, technical research, fabrication, installation and maintenance service, and especially concentrates on advanced technology research and application for insulation field. The company’s R&D center had been authorized as provincial enterprise R&D center, provincial new and high-tech R&D center, is equipped with advanced international inspection equipments and research facilities, had undertaken national significant science and technology program and Torch program with possessing scientific and technological advancement and core technology of own patents, and the leading product cellular glass and its accessories had already reached ASTM and CINI standards which technology is advanced at home and abroad. 

       The company had involved in making many national and professional standards, such as 《Cellular glass product for thermal insulation》, 《Design code for insulation engineering of industrial equipment and pipe》,《Technical requirement for external cellular glass thermal insulating system on walls》,《General principles for thermal insulation technique of equipment and pipe》,《Method of measuring and evaluating thermal insulation effects for equipments and pipes》.

       Centering on the basic state policy and strategic guideline of energy conservation and emission reduction, green building and low carbon economy, the company conducts transformation, upgrading and independently researches and develops “ZES” cellular glass with advanced technology and fabrication methods which endows it with features of level A1 fire resistance and permanent corrosion and water resistance and becomes the best insulation material with bright future. As the production technology of ZES cellular glass adopts circular economy pattern of collecting waste glass, it had been listed on《Policy for comprehensive utilization technology of China resource》as resource-saving and environment friendly product, and defined as “new material” by “Notice of Industrial transformation and upgrading Plan (2011-2015)” from State Council. “ZES” cellular glass is with excellent features of stable cold insulation under harsh working condition, non-toxic, non-pollution and obvious energy-saving effect, plays critical role in national economy development and energy-saving field, provides the most precious products for national strategic energy reserve, LNG tanks and pipelines, LNG Carriers, petrochemical equipments, air separation facilities, desulfuration in power plant, building structure, underground engineering and etc, achieves great social and economic benefits and casts far-reaching effects to national energy conservation and environmental protection.

       The company now can yearly produce building structure adhesive 100,000Ton, inorganic adhesive 200,000Ton, 300,000 m3 of cellular glass, 100,000m3 of rigid polyurethane (PUR), 200,000 m3 of polyisocyanurate(PIR), 100,000 sets of high density PIR support that can be designed and fabricated per customers’ different requirements, also can supply perlite insulation block and other accessories such as mastic, adhesive, sealant and etc. Products quality all meets ASTM and CINI standards. 

       The company had implemented ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and ISO18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, and is also equipped with anti-corrosion and insulation certificate, Classification society certificates and safety production license.

       The company trademark “Zhenshen” and “ZES” is highly approved with good reputation in domestic and international market, “ZES” cellular glass is honored as “Zhejiang Brand Product” and “Zhejiang Famous Trademark”. “ZES” trademark had registered in thirty-two countries and regions including EU, USA, Japan, South Korea, Russia, India, Middle East, Southeast Asia and so on, and had been the major cellular glass export company in China.