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ZES PCB Pre-fabricated Perlite Concrete Block

1. Product Introduction

ZES PCB is a high load bearing block used as steel tank base. It is made from cement, mixing with expanded perlite, and a reinforcement cage is embedded in. It is characterized by high compressive strength, low water content, and low thermal conductivity.

2. Properties

Physical Properties


Technical Indicator



Perlite, cement, sand

Contain special auxiliaries




Dried density

Thermal Conductivity

W/(m·K)   (0℃)


The max. value after drying

Compressive Strength

Minimum Value



After 28 days

Avg. Value


Water Content


≤ 3

Dried, by volume

Note: other special models are available on request.


3. Product Application

It is mainly used as ring beam under steel tank wall, to perform as tank base and insulation material.


4. Packing and Storage

(1) On pallet, protect edges with wood corners;

(2) Applied 2 layers PU waterproof coating before delivery.


5. Application and Cautions

(1) Use forklift or crane, protect edges and corners;

(2) Make the surface flatness under PCB meet requirements.

PDF Document download:16 ZES PCB Pre-fabricated Perlite Concrete Block.pdf