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ZES 33 Black Mastic 1600

1、Product Introduction

ZES 33 Black Mastic is an excellent airtight, waterproofing, durable vapor barrier. It is comprised of asphalt, rubber, and mineral filler. It can be applied and will not crack for cold-process application at ambient temperature.


2. Properties

(1) Color:Black

(2) Avg. Density: 1550±100kg/m3

(3) Heat Durability: No flowing or bubble, after 4 hours at 95℃, then 1 hour at 120℃(positioned at 45°);

(4) Water Absorption: ≤0.5% by weight (soak in water for 24 hours at room temperature);

(5) Frost Resistance: No visual abnormality, cracks or flak after 2 hours at -60℃;

(6) Drying Time: Set to tough: 5hours; dry through: 7days;

(7) Volatile Substance: ≤ 30%

(8) Adhesive Strength:≥0.15MPa(20℃ )

(9) Elongation: ≥3%

(10) Service Temperature: -60~+80℃

3. Product Application

It is used as vapor barrier material, provides moisture proofing, fire proofing protections for cellular glass and polyurethane insulation materials.

4. Packing and Storage

(1) Packed in iron drums of 100kg each;

(2) Store at room temperature and protect from light.

5. Application and Cautions

(1) Handle gently during moving to avoid packing damage;

(2) Protect from light;

(3) Keep ventilation during application;

(4) Keep container sealed when not in use;

(5) Recommended coverage: 9~10 kg/m2

PDF Document download :10 ZES 33 Black Mastic.pdf