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High Density Polyisocyanurate Pipe Support/Block HDPIR

1、Product Introduction

Pipe support/block belongs to cold insulation system.In addition to good insulation performance, it shall bear loads from pipe/equipment. 

For different use, ZES has different pipe support/block categories as below:

v  Sliding support

v  Guide Support (including guide support for vertical pipe)

v  Limit/fixing support

v  Insulation block 


2、  Properties

(1) HDPIR properties:

The performance of cold insulation pipe support/block depends on the properties of HDPIR.

HDPIR is a kind of foaming polymer, with the features of plastic, rubber and cork. The raw materials are isocyanate, polyether, foaming agent, catalyst, flame retardant, etc. After high speed stirring, materials react and foam to cellular structure product, composed of millions of tiny and uniform sealed cells. It provide benefits of low density, low thermal conductivity, low water absorption. The performance is better than timber.

Physical   Property


Technical   Indicator

Avg. Density








Thermal Conductivity20℃








Compressive Strength at   Ambient Temperature








Water Absorption by Vol








Closed Cell Content



Linear Expansion   Coefficient




Service Temp.


(2) Auxiliary materials

ZES can provide the following auxiliary materials, such as vapor barrier, metal jacketing, rubber sheet, metal clip, bolt&nut, disc spring, insulating washer, PTFE sliding pair, vapor stop, in accordance with design requirements, to ensure the safety and reliability. 

3、Product Application

It is mainly used in petrochemical industry, liquefied gas plant, refrigeration house and central air condition system, where high load bearing and insulation properties are required.


4、Packing and Storage

All parts will be fitted together in workshop. Finished product shall be wrapped by anti-ultraviolet polythene film, then packed in wooden case.


5、Application and Cautions

1Detach the product, install parts in positions, and fit them together again.

2Install according to manufacturer’s instruction,

PDF Document download :6 HDPIR.pdf