Production Profile

    Product quality is the foundation of an enterprise. ZES has a R&D Lab Center, where a full chemical analysis and physical testing can be done for different raw materials and each production step. For different application purposes, ZES can develop different production formulas, to suit different application conditions and meet customers’ requirements. Advanced and reliable testing equipment and instruments are adopted to test and control the production, to guarantee the product quality.

    The quality control is started from raw material selection. The specifications on all raw materials, which will be used in the production, are specified by R&D Lab Center. And the purchasing must be done in accordance with the specifications. After delivery, R&D Lab Center will make sampling testing on chemical and physical properties. Only qualified material can be stored in warehouse, later for production. The production formulas and processing data are all provided by R&D Lab Center. And R&D Lab Center will make sampling testing for each batch at each production step. Only qualified batches can enter into the next production step. R&D Lab Center is also responsible to control and measure the apparent quality and physical properties for final products.

    Due to the strict quality controlling system, the product quality can be well controlled. Through sampling testing, ZES’s products meet our national technical requirements, and cold insulation standard made by industrially developed countries as well. ZES, an integration of R&D, manufacturing and installation, gains a good qualification and a high credit due to good management, reliable quality, series products and high integrity. ZES is appraised to be “High-integrity Enterprise” and “Trustworthy Enterprise.