CNC engraving operation


Job content:

The operation of three-dimensional numerical control equipment, equipment maintenance at the same time.

Job requirements:

1, male, high school or above, 18-35 years old, understand computer operation.

2, good health, hard work, to adapt to the class down

3, no relevant work experience, training.

Salary: 3000--4500 yuan / month, pay five insurance.

Address: Wang Zhen Xiuzhou District eight of the village (near modern logistics park)

Tel: 0573-83313881


machine maintenance


Job requirements:

1, welding, welding certificate.

2, able to operate the iron parts processing machinery, iron parts processing and have a certain understanding of the corresponding drawings.


1, responsible for mechanical equipment management and troubleshooting.

2, do a good job under the jurisdiction of equipment operation and maintenance, circuit inspection, and make a record.

3, in the maintenance process must be done to repair old thrift.

4, according to production requirements, must be on duty at night to ensure normal production.

5, to assist the relevant units of equipment for technical transformation.

6, timely completion of tasks assigned by the leadership of other tasks.

Tel: 0573-83313881